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Car Detailing in Accokeek, MD

Accokeek, Maryland is part of Prince Georges County and is found in the South part of the U.S. The following area code(s) relating to Accokeek are 301 and the zip code is 20607, The 2010 Census has confirmed that the population of Accokeek, Maryland is 7069 with 3478 males and 3591 females. The median ages of males and females in Accokeek are as follows: 37 males and 38 females. The median age of both males and females is 37.4.

Every car has its own sense of style and identity. When you visit a car detailing shop in Accokeek, MD, you should expect more than just the simple car wash and removal of dust from the paint. You need professional car detailing solutions that focus on bringing your car’s unique personality to light and original look it had when it was made in the factory. That’s the level of service we provide you with in Accokeek, Maryland

We are the Car Detailing Solution You Can Rely on in Accokeek, MD

We have a great reputation in Accokeek, MD for a reason. Our car detailing services include high quality interior carpet shampooing along with vinyl restoration procedures. Our technicians care about the smallest details for all our clients. That is why we are one of the best car detailing services in the area.

If you’re looking for high-quality exterior and interior cleaning, for a reasonable cost, you can’t choose a better company. What can we do to help you? We prescreen local car detailing companies in Accokeek, MD and find that best one that will suit your needs. We do all the research and make sure that they are licensed, insured, and have a great track record.

How Often Should I Detail My Car in Accokeek, MD?

If doesn’t matter if you’re a serious car enthusiast with a classic car or if have a 10 year old minivan you still need to take care of your car. Every few months you should extensively wash your vehicle, but who has the time anymore?

If your car is in need of advanced restoration work or just the basic washing, waxing, carpet shampooing and exterior trim care, then we have experts standing by to help you. We understand you are extremely busy. Let us help you and take some of the stress off your back. Give a call today for affordable car detailing services in Accokeek, MD.

Removing Your Heavy Scratches with Wet Sanding

Walking back out to your car after you went grocery shopping in Accokeek, MD and seeing a scratch on your driver’s side door can ruin your day. Unfortunately, some marks can be difficult to remove depending on how hard the clear coat is and how deep the mark is. So how do you fix them? You must remove enough clear coat around the scratches until it is level with the rest of the clear coat. This can be extremely difficult if you have no prior detailing experience and do not know how to operate a machine buffer. But having an expert in Accokeek, MD can help you with this. Give a call and one of our specialists would be more than willing to help you for an affordable low price.

How We Can Remove Heavy Scratches on your Car

How can you tell what a deep scratch is? Deep scratches can usually be identified if your fingernail catches in the scratch when rubbing over it. For these types of deep scratches, they will probably require wet sanding and buffing and possibly touch up paint.

The Process of Wet Sanding to Remove Deep Scratches in Accokeek, MD

At, our professional detailers take the following measures to wet sand and remove scratches. First, the detailer will make sure the surface we are about to sand is very wet by spraying it will a slick solution that creates lubricity between the clear coat and the sandpaper. The detailer works on a small area at a time when wet sanding to ensure a smooth finish. 1500-3000 grit sand paper is dipped in plenty of water for added lubrication and sand in a circular or back and forth motion with light pressure on the scratch. The detailer will sand until the scratch and the surrounding area is a dull and hazy finish.

Polishing after Wet Sanding

After the paint surface and scratch is nice and smooth from wet sanding in Accokeek, MD, and once it is dry, we apply a fine grit compound or polish to bring the paint color back. We buff the clear coat until the area has its original glossy look back. The scratch is removed and we then apply a layer of clear coat or silicone glaze.

Be Careful, Wet Sanding Can Be Difficult

If your scratch is deep enough to where you think you need wet sanding, you really should let a professional car detailing technician in Accokeek, MD handle it. We have done this for quite a while now and can easily take care of your scratch. For more information, call We use only the best quality products to protect our client’s vehicles. Customer service is our first priority. Let us assist you today.

Map of Accokeek:

Car Detailing Companies

Speedy Clean Car Wash
10225 Berry Road
Waldorf, MD 20603

Speedy Clean Car Wash
8020 Matthews Rd
Bryans Road, MD 20616

California Car Wash
22667 Mercedes Drive
California, MD 20619

Leonardtown Car Wash
Jefferson Street
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Speedy Clean Car Wash
501 Great Mills Road
Lexington Park, MD 20653

*We may or may not be affiliated with the companies listed.

Local News in Accokeek

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Accokeek Demographics
Total Population 7069
White Population 2989
Black Population 3425
Hispanic Population 171
Asian Population 367
Hawaiian Population 5
Indian Population 36
Male Population 3478
Female Population 3591
Median Age 37.4
Median Age of Males 37
MedianAge of Females 38
Region South
Division South Atlantic
State Maryland
County Prince Georges
City Accokeek
Land Area 18.6237 sq mi
Latitude 38.660282
Longitude -77.001033
Elevation 72
Area Code(s) 301
Time Zone Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Economy and Politics
Avg. House Value $186,400.00
Household Income $82,060.00
No. of Businesses 106
No. of Employees 1203
Q1 Payroll $9.83 million
Annual Payroll $40.69 million
CBSA Type Metro
Congressional District 5
Congressional Area 1504.25 sq mi

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